Video driver plays a vital role on PC to play video files. Here, some tips are mentioned to update and resolve drivers issue in their Acer Laptop drivers. Acer Customer Support provides support for drivers installation & PC configuration with all required software, antivirus programs and other utilities which make your PC smooth and efficient.
If you’re not a techie person and just want to get right down to the exact solution, so skip the first section. Upgrading Your Acer Aspire Laptop From Windows 7 32 Bit - 64 BitOSMany users mistakenly faith they can upgrade their Acer AspireLaptop from Windows 7 32 bit OS to the 64 bit OS with no issue.
They think since the PC has no issue running the 32-bit version a simple switch of the heat synchronization and the processor will mean upgraded the graphics of your system. Unfortunately, It’s not the case. When you replace your 32-bit system with the 64 bit, it’ll work about 1/4th of the time. The other 3/4th of the time you’ll get the dreaded Blue Screen on your PC of Death along with a stop issue.

It’ll read something along the lines of “STOP: 0x00000116 issue caused by Riksdag.sys.”The Trouble is With the Videos Card The user can try to call Acer Tech Support for any help regarding video drivers and video cards issue. The trouble is with the integrated graphics card. The graphics card just doesn’t support the 64 bit PC. Therefore, you can modify your drivers and update them all you want but it won’t help you much. What you’ll have to do is replace your video card with one that is able of running the 64 bit OS or change back to the 32 bit OS. Is 64 Bit OS Better than 32 Bit OS? From a pure techie person standpoint, the answer will be yes. Because the 64-bit system supports better graphics and quality than the 32-bit system. From the average person standpoint, the answer will not really.
The average person will not be capable to see a distinct unless it’s run side by side. Additionally, some products also will not run on OS Windows 7 64 bit, while they’ll run on 32 bit OS. Therefore, the average techie user may want to stick with the 32 bit OS for now. Upgrading Your Video Drivers

If you went the route of buying a new video card for your system, then it should have come with driver installation CD. You can just use this drivers CD to install your systems video drivers. And, It should be as simple as placing the Compact Disc (CD) into the CD drive. Upgrading Your Windows 7 OS Drivers Upgrading the drivers for Windows 7 OS is a little more problematic. Since there are plenty of elements, it’s suggested to use your PCs driver update programs. The program will scan your PC looking for corrupt and outdated drivers. Then it’ll present a list of drivers on your screen in need of upgrading. At this level, you are also given the option to download and install the drivers whichever drivers you select. Since the downloading, scanning, and installing is done automatically, upgrading all your PCs drivers on your Windows 7 will take just a little time. At this level, all the elements of your PCshould be running perfectly. Help For Drivers Installation If you are facing any issue with your PCs drivers or you’re unable to know much about drivers name or not much aware of installation process then you can go with Acer Customer Care Number expert team via their Email, Chat, and Phone number program. Their tech department will assure you with the exact solution of your query. They will help you anytime and you can contact from anywhere.